Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vodka Infusions

Here is a new favourite of mine.  They are called vodka infusions and they are seriously addictive.
It is a very simple process add lollies to vodka, wait for them to dissolve and then drink either straight up or with lemonade.

I have made these with redskins, skittles, jelly beans and raspberry lollies.  The gelatinous lollies take a lot longer to dissolve, up to two weeks, whereas skittles and redskins can dissolve in a day.

I would normally add a packet of redskins or skittles to a bottle of vodka.  The citrus skittles are really nice all mixed together, it looks kinda weird browny colour but tastes really good.  I did the other skittles all separated as I had been warned that these don't mix well.

My very first one I made was with raspberry lollies, not knowing how many to use I filled an empty vodka bottle with them and then filled the gaps with vodka, this was a very slow dissolve, mostly I think because I had too many lollies in there.

After four days I got impatient and decided that I probably needed to dilute the mix to allow the lollies to dissolve.  Upon tipping the (VERY THICK) mix out, it became a thick syrupy type of liquid (and I use that term loosely) so I simply put it through a strainer and decided it was ok.  This has to be stirred when mixed with lemonade but tasted incredibly good.  I did decide after that though that it needed to be diluted so I did add more vodka till it was pourable.

Skittles are quite nice as well, and they disolve overnight which is really cool.  The only problem is the film of sedament that floats on top.  It is not nice and really needs to be filtered to get rid of it.  I've heard the best way is to use a coffee filter but since I don't have any of those I ended up using a paper towel over a strainer.  Taste the colours of the rainbow has a whole new meaning.


  1. I have coffee filters if you want them. I bought them for the butterflies we made at Anna's 2nd Birthday party, and there is almost a whole pack left.

  2. The rainbow line up is so cool I could just pass out.

    Making that for a party. It's insane!