Monday, January 30, 2012

Re-inventing the Lamington 2012

It has been a wonderful summer so far.  Glorious days 30 degrees plus, sensational for kicking back and relaxing with some friends.

Not so glorious for baking though.  That needs to be planned for days at least a little cooler...normally.  However to meet the deadline for Mr P's re-invention of Lamington I had to brave a scorching hot day (36°C) and turn on the oven.  It was totally worth it though.

This year I have decided to make a violet crumble styled "lamington".  For those that have never been lucky enough to have had a violet crumble, let me enlighten you.  A violet crumble is crunchy honeycomb (also called hokey pokey in some places) smothered in chocolate.  You can see where i'm going with this...

The first job was to find a honeycomb flavoured cake (not a cake that was bubbly inside like a bee's honeycomb).  I did find a wonderful one here at Anna's Kitchen.  It is called a golden syrup cake, but since that's basically what honeycomb is, the flavour is perfect for this.

I then whipped up 150ml cream mixed with tablespoon of golden syrup for in between the layers.  After sandwiching the layers together I drizzled a chocolate ganache over the top. And to top it off a shattering of violet crumble.

Chocolate Ganache
250g chocolate
1/3 cup cream

Melt chocolate in the cream, mixing thoroughly
Allow to cool and use liberally